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Jorge Vinueza G.

Jorge Vinueza G.

CEO Inventario Documental
IG: @jorgevinuezag / @lafotomovida

Photojournalist - Documentalist - Retractionist - Sybarite

He found photography as a profession and form of expression in 1993 and since then he has been part of important editorial and audiovisual production teams that have found in his photography a powerful narrative element.
He has published several books of photography with his authorship and has accompanied projects of journalism, institutional, heritage recovery, cultural management, tourism and other fields where he has contributed with his creativity and professionalism.

His work has received national and international recognition and he has been able to take his photographic work to important venues in Ecuador and in other countries.
He takes the pandemic as a starting point to found Inventario Documental, conceived as a photographic boutique that highlights everyday stories from the Amazon, the Andes and the South Pacific.

Shirin Werle

Shirin Werle
Business Administrator - Photographer - Traveller

Quiteña by coincidence, world citizen, she grew up surrounded by other cultures and art. Since she was a teenager she has accompanied herself with photography and learned to show other cultures.
She has been able to cultivate her love for nature by expressing it in photographs.
Nature in detail and landscapes are an important part of her work, however, she manages to mimic other cultures when it comes to knowing, sharing and capturing moments.

Wara Vargas

Wara Vargas
Photographer adventurer - Storyteller.
IG: @wara_vargas

Wara Vargas Lara, photojournalist based in Bolivia. She studied Social Communication and specialised in photojournalism at the José Martí Institute of Journalism in Cuba (2010).
He has been working for 15 years for several newspapers and magazines in his country. He is currently dedicated to documentary photography and has specialised in in-depth subjects.
He is part of the New York Times platform of independent photographers. And she currently has a grant from National Geographic, with the story of traditional midwives in Bolivia.
For four years she was awarded the investigative journalism grant for the Fundación UNIR Bolivia. In 2012 she was selected among the 10 best photographs of Latin America, in the Latin American Photography Award, United States. Also the same year she won second place in the photojournalism category of the Latin American Photography Award, Argentina.  
In 2013 he received an honourable mention in the individual news category of POY Pictures of the Year Latan, Ecuador.
His first solo exhibition was held at the photography centre in Montevideo, Uruguay (2015). In the following years she received several awards and exhibited in Germany, the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Italy and Spain.
For Wara, photography is the possibility to tell about women, history, the mystique of rituals and the new imaginaries that build the new identities of her country.

Sofía Green

Sofía Green
Biologist / Photographer

She was born in Quito and grew up looking at the sea and the mountains.

Sofia started taking photos at a very young age, following in the footsteps of her father and renowned photographer, Jonathan Green, who also instilled in her a love of nature.
With a degree in conservation biology - equestrian science and a masters in the management and conservation of marine biological resources, she maintains her interest in the Galapagos Islands and works on their conservation alongside scientific research projects in the archipelago.
In 2017 she began specialising in underwater photography, her goal is to capture a world that not many people have access to; unknown to the majority of the human population, despite the fact that water covers more than 70% of the planet.
Sofia uses the art of photography as a tool in her work to bring people closer, educate and inspire them to get more involved with nature protection and ocean conservation

Juan Pablo Verdesoto

Juan Pablo Verdesoto
Travel, Documentary, Commercial Photographer
IG: @jpverdesoto

Tourism expert - explorer - photojournalist

Photography accompanied him in his career in tourism administration and management, until he decided to take the leap into the world of images.
He has studied photojournalism and lighting in Madrid and works as a freelancer and press specialised in tourism based in Quito - Ecuador.
His photographic reports have been published in important media focused on the promotion of tourism in Ecuador, as well as in major media in Europe and the United States.
He is an excellent host when touring Ecuador, using travel and photography as instruments of positive change in the new generations to promote culture and environmental conservation.

Luis Castillo

Luis Castillo
Journalist - Press photographer - Traveller
-Counter-dance Soldier of the Queen of Heaven.
IG: @castilloflorez2022

Luis was born in Cusco, in the province of Acomayo, and has become a daily chronicler of this imperial city and the Sacred Valley region.
a daily chronicler of this imperial city and the region of the Sacred Valley through different
through his different photographic assignments, which bring him closer and closer to the heart of the Andes.
He learned from his parents the constant work and love for his profession.

He is a man of great faith and a promoter of a culture that runs in his blood.
For Luis, photography is the art of telling stories and making people happy by transmitting
people happy by transmitting emotions with images.

Diego Giudice

Diego Giudice
Director Archivo Latino

Adrían Soria

Adrián Soria
Mountain walker

Adrián Soria, is a landscape photographer, who from the beginning of his career has shared this passion alongside his work as a conservation biologist. He aims to show the immeasurable beauty of the Andes as well as to spread the importance of its conservation for all.
He uses photography as an outreach tool to promote the preservation of high Andean ecosystems. In addition, he works with young photographers in rural areas of Ecuador, organizing explorations in the moorlands of their communities.
He also conducts tours and workshops specializing in volcano photography and the surrounding ecosystems in the highlands of Ecuador. Adrian's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, such as his project "In the footsteps of Humboldt in the Antisana", where he researched the passage of the wise german through the Andes of Ecuador.

Manuel Avilés

Manuel Avilés
IG: @manuelavilesec

Manuel Avilés, guayaquileño by birth and citizen of the world, has accompanied himself with his camera and his ideals for more than 30 years.
A professional agricultural engineer, he has used his knowledge to document agricultural production and the relationship between people and their land with a critical and aesthetic eye.
With his lens he has confronted more than 70 nations, their cultures and their landscapes and in Ecuador, he has documented the deepest corners, showing in his images the diversity, the colour and the joy of those who share their time with Manuel.
He is the author of several publications and his work aims to promote tourism, culture and the customs of those who cross his path.

Santiago Fernández

Santiago Fernández
Film Photographer
IG: @santiagof26

Santiago Fernández was born in Quito, Ecuador, from an ecuadorian mother and uruguayan father. His first years of life were linked to plastic and musical art, always carrying a small compact camera in his backpack, thus cultivating this passion that became his life diary and later opened the way for him in the media and other publications that highlight his photographic style.
Santiago's personal work, mostly on photosensitive film processed by himself, explores alternative processes of the 19th century such as salt paper, cyanotype and the construction of wooden cameras, recycled materials with which he focuses on the everyday life of the city of Quito, portraits and surrealist landscapes.

Miradas Invitadas
Miradas Invitadas

Invited Gazes
Casual but valuable collaborations

Intermittent but valuable collaborations, with young and refreshing views that offer us a new perspective of our region.
We will also share here the work of organisations and institutions that wish to amplify their message and projects through photographic narrative.


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